Zambian Board Members

The following Board Members oversee the operations of Zambia’s Child in Zambia

Hellen Chansa

Board Member

Hellen has been a member of Blessed to Bless since 2013. She has a Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations, and she has two certificates in relation to HIV and AIDS awareness and media. She worked for Mulonga Water and Sewerage in the marketing department in 2012. She is married with one daughter, and attends Winners Christian Church in Chingola where she serves as a cell leader as well as an intercessor.

Daphne Kachamba

Board member

Daphne is a retired teacher and she runs a farm outside Chingola. She is the director of Fountain Primary School in Chingola. She is married with three adult children and four grandchildren. She is a Christian leader, speaker and marriage counsellor and has a passion for uplifting the lives of the underprivileged. She joined the Blessed to Bless board in early 2015.

Martha Kachingwe

Board Member

Martha is married to Webster. She has a diploma in Computer Programming. She worked as an IT Manager at Caltex Oil in Zambia. She has also been a volunteer, board member and director at Bethany Project where she served for a total of 16 years. She currently runs a gift shop and is involved in farming.

Pastor Davidson Kanchebele

Board Member

Davison joined the Blessed to Bless board in September 2015. He is a pastor at Mount Carmel Church in Kasompe, Chingola. He previously worked for KCM as a security officer and has a certificate in Patrolling, Observation and Irregularities. He is married to Matildah and they have six children.

Mapalo Katuta

Board Member

Mapalo joined the Zambian board in June 2016. She is an accountant and a musician. She has been serving as a district leader in the Apostolic Church in Zambia (ACAZ) for three years. She is married to Bishop Michael Katuta and they have one child.

Bishop Michael Katuta

Board Member

Michael joined the Blessed to Bless board in June 2016. He studied theology and psycho-social counselling for three years at Trans-Africa University. He has been a pastor for 11 years and currently oversees 12 churches locally. He is married to Mapalo and they have one child.

Kim Mukuka

Project Manager in Zambia & Founding Member

Kim is a founding member of Zambia's Child (formerly Blessed to Bless). She graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Primary Education in 1998 and spent 9 years teaching in Christian and government schools in various parts of NSW. She married a Zambian in 2005, and stopped teaching at the end of 2007 to become a full time mother (going on to have three children). In August 2012 Kim moved to Zambia with her family to become the project manager of Ipalo Christian Community School in Chingola, which was the fulfilment of her vision to see impoverished Zambian children educated.

Mary Mugala

Board Member

Mary joined Blessed to Bless in November 2015. She graduated with a Community Health Nursing major and a Masters in Human Resource Management. Mary has extensive experience working in the Zambian urban and rural health sectors in service provision and nursing education as well as HR management. She also spent two years at an SDA nursing college in Botswana teaching PHC. In her career she has worked for the government, the mining and the private sectors. Mary is married with three children. She attends the CMML Bethel Chapel in Chingola, having become a Christian in 1973. Until recently, she was a senior lecturer at a private nursing school in Chingola.

Samuel Nkomba

Board Member

Samuel is married with six adult children. He is an artist, having worked as an Art Director in various community centres, then later with KCM for 20 years as an Artist for the Accident Prevention Department. He has been a youth leader, deacon and church elder, and helped to establish Bupalo CMML Church in Soweto township where he still serves. In his spare time he enjoys creating various artworks as well as preaching, teaching and evangelising.

Chrispin Phiri

Board Member

Chris is an accountant by profession, and is married with three children – two girls and a boy. He attends Evangel Assembly (Pentecostal Assemblies of God) where he serves in the music ministry, playing keyboard as well as bass and rhythm guitars. He enjoys gardening and livestock farming in his spare time.

Debby Tembo

Board Member

Debby is a mechanical engineer specialising in construction machinery. He has worked in the Zambian mining industry for 25 years. He spent the earlier part of his career in plant and equipment maintenance and then went on to project management and quality control covering all engineering activities at KCM. In 2009 he left formal employment with KCM as Head of Engineering for Nampundwe Mine and started up a private business in mine contracting. He is a former member of Gideons International and the International Christian Chambers of Commerce. He is married with four adult children and attends the Bethel Chapel (CMML) in Chingola.