Latest stage of building works completed at ICCS

Latest stage of building works completed at ICCS

It is very exciting to have our next stage of building work completed. In December the second classroom module with three rooms was finished. This is situated in between the new amenities block, completed mid-2017, and our first classroom module – leaving an undercover area between the two modules which has proved useful for parent meetings, PE on rainy days, and more! The new classrooms are being used by Grade 6 and Grade 5, with the third room as a temporary dining hall. This year we are serving lunch to two large groups of ninety students; so the new ‘dining room’ has enabled all the students to eat in one place and no food is taken into teaching areas – resulting in a significant difference to the cleanliness of the classrooms.

ICCS Classroom Blocks Undercover area between two classroom blocks (2) Caretaker's cottage from first classroom block

Early this year building began on the chicken run on the agriculture plot, an insaka (gazebo-like structure) on top of the ant hill inside the main gate, and an outdoor cooking area.
The chicken run will soon be used to raise our own chickens, providing meat and eggs for student lunches. Anthony, our agricultural worker, will move temporarily into the chicken store-room, so that he can look after the chickens and develop the gardens on the agriculture plot. A pit latrine has been built next to the chicken run, until funds are raised to build Anthony a cottage on the site.

Chicken Run (3) Chicken run (5) Insaka (Guard's hut) (3)

The insaka will be used for security purposes with a guard stationed there at night: it has a good view of both properties – we just need a solar powered flood light to put this into use. The insaka will also be used for meetings and prayer from time to time.

The ladies who come to prepare lunches each day have been thrilled to move from the cramped area in front of the converted container where cooking equipment is stored, to the new outdoor cooking area – which features two large braai stands for cooking nshima and vegetables, as well as two large grills for cooking meat. There is a tiled bench area for preparing meals and placing heavy pots when cooking is done. We need to purchase some roll down canvas to complete this area, as the winds can disturb cooking at particular times of the year.

Outdoor Cooking area Undercover cooking area (6) Undercover cooking area (2)

We look forward to the continued development of the school and buildings, as more students are enrolled at ICCS each year. During the recent Waterworks Campaign with Anglican Aid we raised sufficient funds to install a solar pump, tank and stand on the agriculture plot, which will be erected very soon.

We are so grateful to all our supporters who have contributed to the project, and we thank God for His amazing provision.

Kim Mukuka

Project Manager