School Opens for 2016!

20 Feb School Opens for 2016!

School opened on the 11th January, 2016. Thirty-one new bright, happy faces hopped off the school bus, full of expectation and excitement about their new school; and ninety returning students arrived filled with anticipation and ready to learn. New parents have joined the cooking roster, and school maintenance is currently being carried out: the recent heavy rains have resulted in very long grass, which needs to be cut.  Below from left to right are our new Grade one students followed by Grade two, three and four.

Happy little Grade 1 students, 2016Grade 2, 2016Grade 3, 2016Grade 4, 2016Preparation of the new garden beds at ICCSNew garden beds at ICCS

The uniforms arrived two weeks ago and the girls were thrilled to receive their new red gingham dresses and leggings, a change from their grey skirts and red checked shirts from previous years. The students all look very smart in their new uniforms and take pride in wearing them, though it is hard to keep the dust (or mud, when it has been raining) from their black school shoes!  The gardens are now providing some vegetables – and for the last two weeks we have been cooking the lunches with tomatoes picked from the school plot!

Thank you to all the amazing supporters who are making the education of these needy students a reality.  If you would like to sponsor a new Grade 1 student and make a huge impact in a child’s life, please contact us now as we are still looking for eleven sponsors.