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Sponsoring a child in our educational program has such a significant impact on their lives, not only from an educational perspective but emotionally, physically and spiritually. The smiles on the faces of our students, who would not attend school without the generous support of our Sponsors is a joy to behold. It is this joy that drives the staff and volunteers at the school, the volunteers on both the Zambian and Australian Committees and our faithful Sponsors.

There are three programs for Child Sponsorship;

Primary Student Sponsor Program at Ipalo Christian Community School (ICCS)
Along with school attendance Primary sponsorship includes the following items:
i. Uniforms (class and sports), shoes (school and sports)
ii. Text books and stationery
iii. Nourishing meals daily at school (lunch and morning or afternoon tea)

Secondary Student Sponsor Program in Kitwe, graduates of Manyando Community School (MCS)
Secondary sponsorship includes the following items:
i. Fees (school attendance, exams, desk, club affiliation)
ii. Uniforms (2 shirts, skirt or trousers and tie), school jersey, pair of school shoes, badges, school bag
iii. Stationery including pens, pencils and 3 reams of paper
iv. Expenses associated with running pastoral care program

Tertiary Student Sponsor Program at various Universities
Tertiary sponsorship is done on a case-by-case basis as costs vary for each student and each semester. The cost ranges between A$2,500 and A$6,000 per year and the courses range from 2-4 years in duration.

There are two levels of sponsorship for the Primary and Secondary programs. The Basic program fees cover the items listed above. The Plus program provides a much needed pool of funds to meet the emergency medical needs of students or unexpected school requirements.

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for additional information click here: 2021 Sponsorship Information

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