Positively impacting the local communities in Zambia

Educating for community transformation with Biblical excellence

Zambia’s Child is a non- denominational Christian organisation.

Zambia’s Child (formerly called “Blessed to Bless”) began in Australia in 2007 with the aim of educating orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia.

Mission Statement

To transform vulnerable communities in Zambia through quality, Christ-centred education, and community development activities.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to raise responsible and proactive leaders with integrity, resulting in self-sustainability. We aim to provide quality Christ-centred education for vulnerable Zambian children while also creating opportunities for literacy and skills development amongst the adults within the community. 



a. Primary

  1. Ipalo Christian School (ICS) – Kasompe, Chingola – educate the most vulnerable students within the local communities using a Christ-centred holistic approach including academic, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects.
  2. Manuel Community School (MCS) – Bulangililo, Kitwe – assist MCS as it seeks to educate the most vulnerable students within the local communities, by regularly providing some financial and practical support, where possible.

b. Secondary

  1. Ipalo Christian School (ICS) – Kasompe, Chingola – continue to holistically educate students in a Christ-centred manner. Cultivate creative and critical thinking leading to the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills, and ensure that each student has the opportunity to realise and reach his/her full potential in Christ.

c. Tertiary

  1. Establish a program for ICS graduates to give back to the local community through volunteering and involvement in the sponsorship program
  2. Develop a trades’ school on the ICS site, providing an alternative pathway to university for students who are gifted with trades and practical skills.
  3. Provide opportunities to ICS graduates to further their studies at university level, when sponsors can be found.

a. Feeding Program
      Provide a nourishing meal every school day for all students, to ensure they remain healthy and focussed on their studies.
b. Diagnosis and Treatment
      Offer primary health services to all students as required (including HIV and malaria testing and medication, supplements for sickle cell students, hearing and vision testing, First Aid, etc.).


a. Agriculture

  1. Develop agricultural projects for sustainability including orchards (fruit trees), poultry, livestock, and vegetable gardens.
  2. Work towards profitable sustainability programs such as moringa and herbal supplements.
  3. Train and equip families to use cheap and effective organic farming methods to enable them to feed their families.

b. Boarding 

  1. Provide a safe and caring environment on the school site, which is conducive to study, for students living in exceptionally difficult home circumstances.

c. Adult Literacy and Education

  1. Provide opportunities for adults within the local community to acquire basic reading and writing skills.
  2. Empower parents and guardians with business and entrepreneurship skills to enable them to find ways to sustain their families.
  3. Train and equip parents and guardians regarding nutrition, health and hygiene to ensure they are able to look after their children safely and effectively.

d. Employment

  1. Create opportunities for employment within the school.
  2. Encourage and promote partnerships with local organisations who may be able to offer employment to ex-students and qualified members of the local community.


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About Zambia

Zambia is a poverty-stricken country (over 60% of Zambians live under the poverty line) and there is a huge need for quality education and health care. In Zambia, every mother is likely to lose one child due to preventable causes. The majority of Zambian families have extra children in their care, due to a large number of orphans (often as a result of preventable illnesses). Health care and education are very basic, and what may be seen as simple everyday necessities for many westerners (eg running water, hot showers, flushing toilets and comfortable beds) are luxuries for many of those living in poverty. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to help people with fundamental needs. Most Australians by comparison are financially and materially blessed, therefore we can be a blessing to others.

Over the past couple of years, the Zambian Kwacha has weakened significantly, affecting the price of goods in Zambia (due to the fact that Zambia imports most of its commodities). Although it is currently strengthening again now, no doubt the effects of this will be felt for a long time. It is very difficult for the lower class and even most middle-class people to keep up with the cost of living in Zambia. Inflation rates since 2019 have remained in double figures, with food price pressures and fluctuations in exchange rates.

How can you help?

  • Sponsor a student, donate to the building fund or operational needs
  • Visit Zambia and help out at the school for a week or two
  • Let other people know about the work of Zambia’s Child