Manuel Community School (MCS) - Supported Partially By Zambia's Child

Secondary Scholarship Program

Students who attend Manuel Community School (MCS) come from families who cannot afford to send them to local Government schools because the PTA fees and uniform requirements are prohibitive.

MCS has over 300 students from grades 1 to 9, and Zambia’s Child partially sponsors some of the teaching staff along with school operating costs.

Once students complete their primary school education at MCS, most cannot afford to continue on with secondary school education. Ipalo Christian School (ICS) offers two ‘scholarships’ each year for graduates from MCS.

Since 2007, members of Zambia’s Child have been supporting MCS graduates through their secondary school education, with some continuing on to tertiary. In 2023, there are well over 60 students who have completed tertiary/trade courses through the Zambia’s Child sponsorship program, and the vast majority of these young people are now independent and gainfully employed.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a student or member of staff in Zambia – either at ICS, or by supporting a tertiary/trade student. There is always a need for new sponsors every year.