Zambian Executive Staff

Amos Simfukwe

Amos Simfukwe was born in Nkhotakota, on the shores of Lake Malawi, and raised in Northern and Central Malawi. The oldest of four siblings, he is married to Mercy (a Zambian national) and they have two children, a girl (Angathe) and a boy (Kuchi). During Amos’ early years of schooling, he moved to different primary and secondary schools. After enrolling to study Finance and Accountancy and completing two semesters, the Lord called him to Missions. While in Missions, he pursued teaching education with the University of Foundation for Cross-cultural Education (FCE), obtaining Certificates in Discipleship and Missions, a Diploma in Education, and a Bachelor Degree of Education. After eleven years serving the Lord with FCE, he joined Ipalo Christian School (ICS) in December 2018 as the School Principal and Grade 7 teacher. In 2019, he was elected as a Board Chairperson of Blessed to Bless, Zambia, and sits on the Australian Committee meetings. Amos feels that as a Christian School, ICS has an important role to play – that is to shine light, execute love, care and kindness. He enjoys being part of such dedicated pioneers of hope: his prayer is to see everyone who passes through ICS knows Jesus. Thus, Christ-centred education offered at ICS is the tool used to educate and nurture mankind. His personal interests are soccer, chess, art and cooking.

Mary Chapman
Deputy Principal (Primary)

Mary Musanda Chapman is the Deputy Head Principal (Primary) at Ipalo Christian School (ICS), and takes care of the academics from Reception to Grade 7. She is married to David Chapman, an Australian missionary based in Zambia under Living Hope. Zambia is a home of peace and tranquillity, and they are both serving God by transforming lives through education and through “Farming God’s Way”. Mary enjoys being part of the vision of Blessed to Bless, which deals with the less privileged in society by offering education to those who cannot afford to attend school. Mary completed her pre-school training with CHIKA obtaining a certificate, and later attended Nkana College of Education where she commenced a Primary School teaching course. She completed this course at Siyakama College of Education, obtaining a Diploma in Primary Education in 2017. Her love for ICS is that it brings people from various places, ethnic tribes, doctrines and colours together in unity. Mary enjoys listening to gospel music, preaching, cooking and encouraging others. Her passion is winning souls for Jesus.

Edward Sampa
Deputy Principal (Secondary)

Edward Sampa was appointed the Deputy Principal (Secondary) at Ipalo Christian School (ICS) in January 2022. He has been with ICS since early 2020, and has served the school in various capacities. He says ICS is a lovely place to work: the values and the vision of the school must be shared by every Christian. Service and Christ like character would build a better nation and communities through better leaders and a changed way of thinking. He loves being a part of this great work (mission), and seeing this transformation in the children. Edward is a National Church Administrator for Mission Global Link Church. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Education, a Secondary School Teaching Diploma and a Primary Teaching Certificate. He has teaching experience of thirty-four years both in government and private schools. He is a Christian and married with three children. He is trained in HIV counselling, first aid, health and safety, and IT/computers. He has a passion for teaching and serving. Edward’s interests are reading and playing tennis.

Mildred Zimba
Senior Phase Head

Mildred Zimba is the Senior Phase Head, Home Economics teacher, Counsellor and part of the Management Team at Ipalo Christian School (ICS). She joined the school in October 2015 as the Adult Literacy Co-ordinator, and in 2019 became a full time secondary teacher in Home Economics. Mildred has also continued running the Adult Education at ICS since her commencement at the school. Mildred is the second born in the family of seven, and is married with three sons. She studied Social Work at Mulungushi University, and Secondary Teaching at Mufulira College of Education. The things she loves about ICS include the following: A Christ-centered environment, the zeal in students to learn, provision for staff development , availability of right infrastructure and manpower, stakeholder involvement for the betterment of the school. Mildred’s areas of interest are planning and learning new things, and advancing through challenging situations; also mingling with people who share ideas on how things can improve. Her passion is to see people’s minds and lives change for the betterment of the country. Mildred’s interests are baking, cooking and watching documentaries about lifestyles.

Methuselah Chiyena
Intermediate Phase Head

Methuselah Chiyena joined Ipalo Christian School (ICS) in 2018: he is the Intermediate Phase Head (Grades 4 to 7), Sports Coordinator, Grades 6 and 7 Mathematics and Science Teacher, and Examination Council of Zambia Grade 7 Exam Coordinator/Administrator. He is married to Chanda, who is a teacher at ICS in the Foundation Phase. He completed his tertiary education with Foundation for Cross-cultural Education (FCE) and obtained the following: Certificate in Discipleship, Certificate in Mission Training, Diploma in Primary Education and a Bachelor in Primary Education. Being at ICS he has come to understand that it is not just a working place, but also a training place. He appreciates the love amongst the staff members, with everyone concerned about each other’s well-being. In addition to that, he is grateful for compassionate leaders who understand the situations that the staff face. Methuselah enjoys playing and watching soccer and reading articles and profiles of famous people.

Chisomo Zulu
Foundation Phase Head

Chisomo Zulu is a single mother of three children, two girls and a boy. She is the oldest of three children in her family. Born in Kitwe and raised in Chingola, where she completed her primary and secondary education, she left to study ‘Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ followed by Psychosocial Counselling. Later she changed her career direction and joined education, obtaining a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has recently completed further study and obtained a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. Chisomo joined Ipalo Christian School (ICS) in 2019 as the Grade 1 teacher. In 2022 she was appointed Phase Head for the Foundation Phase. She loves working at ICS because of the conducive environment. The school provides all the necessary requirements such as stationery, furniture and other equipment to allow staff to execute duties diligently. When not in school teaching, or busy parenting, her interests are baking and cooking, gardening, reading and craft.

Mwaba Chola
Human Resources Manager

Mwaba Chola is the Human Resources Manager at Ipalo Christian School (ICS). He joined ICS in 2014 as the Caretaker when the school was located at the Council building in Kasompe. He is the last born of three siblings, and is married to Lydia (a pharmacist) with a young son. Lydia also works in a part-time capacity at ICS as the Office Administrator. Mwaba studied Human Resource Management with Cambridge International College by distance learning, acquiring a diploma. Mwaba’s interests are gardening and reading. He loves to see how lives are being transformed for the better at ICS.

Katongo Nshindano
Student Welfare Officer

Katongo Nshindano is the Student Welfare Officer for Ipalo Christian School (ICS). This role entails liaising with parents and collecting data on students’ living conditions, which serves as a basis for enrolment. His job also complements other administration related tasks, as directed by the Principal. In 2013, after having acquired a Social Work Diploma, Katongo served at the government District Welfare Department as an intern. He then volunteered at ICS, to assist with home visitations, as well as to gain more experience in his field. When an opportunity presented itself through a vacancy, Katongo was interviewed and appointed as the new Social Worker for ICS, and his title was changed to Student Welfare Officer in 2021. He enjoys his work at ICS, especially sharing his skills in art and chess with the students. Katongo’s interests are researching history, culture, art and playing chess.