Blessed to Bless Incorporated was formed in 2007 and is a non-denominational Christian organisation based in Sydney.  The charity was rebranded to Zambia’s Child in late 2016 and continues to be run by the same team and group of supporters. It is still known as Blessed to Bless in Zambia.

The mission of Zambia’s Child is to transform vulnerable communities in Zambia through quality, Christ-centred education, and community development activities. Zambia’s Child is approved in Australia by the Department of Gaming and Racing with an Authority to Fundraise (it is a registered charity).  The charity also formed a partnership with Anglican Aid in 2013, which provides supporters with the ability to receive tax-deductible receipts when donating to Zambia’s Child.

In 2023 Zambia’s Child has sponsorship programs for over 320 primary and secondary school students in Chingola, a large town in the Copperbelt Province, and several secondary school students in Kitwe, about an hour’s drive south of Chingola.  Zambia’s Child has 47 staff, including teachers, executive staff, a student welfare officer, agricultural manager, other support staff and volunteers.

In 2013 Zambia’s Child purchased 2.5 hectares of land on which to build the Ipalo Christian School on the outskirts of Chingola, and further land has since been acquired bringing the total area to over 5 hectares.  The first phase of a multi-stage construction program commenced in July 2015.  All fundraising and administrative activities are coordinated from the St Ives office in Sydney.  All work done in Australia for Zambia’s Child is conducted by volunteers to ensure funds raised are totally devoted to the children’s programs in Zambia.

The organisation is governed and run by an Australian based Committee (see Committee Members page) in conjunction with the Zambian-based Board of Blessed to Bless.